Speedlimitor Truckcruise SLM

Cruise Control Truckcruise SLMC

Power Take Off Control Truckcruise SLMTCP

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Here you see the contents of the SLMC kit, actuator, control modul SLMC (with r.p.m.), safety modul, cable-kit, sealing kit, double lever kit, pneumatic cylinder kit, joy stick, nuts & bolts, rod, clutch-switch.

The SLM and SLMT are also availeble as “cruise control”, this will allow the driver by means of a joystick to drive the vehicle without his foot.
The SLMC has a solenoid, pneumatic cylinder and the controller that take over the function of holding the accelerator pedal down. With the joystick the driver can regulate the vehicle by increasing the speed or decreasing.
The safety functions like, brake – and clutch pedal aswell as the retarder or joystick stop function will shut off the cruise control function.
The cruise control will create high comfort for the driving and will improve driving style and reduce fuel consumption.
“Always remember that the driver is in control”