Elson is forced by the legislator (EC) to appoint in each country one dealer or importer, this company is responsable for training of installation and maintaining the level of know-how.
Elson has trained in Europe more than 3.500 installation stations which have at least two persons per company who are able to install, repair and service the Truckcruise product. This training has to be repeated every two years.

Elson is using the demo board to train on installation.

Elson supplies to each installation a case with tester, documentation, sealing equipment and accesories.

Each installationstation in Europe has an uniq sealing plyer with code, this is required by law. If a vehicle is stopped by the authorities and was speeding or has tempered with the speed limitor, the installation station is notified.
Also in case of temporing the installation station carries responsability.
After each installation the vehicle has to be registrated, this depends on the country rules aswell.