Speedlimitor Truckcruise SLM

Cruise Control Truckcruise SLMC

Power Take Off Control Truckcruise SLMTCP

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Here you see the contents of the SLMTCP kit, actuator, control modul SLMTCP (for PTO control), safety modul, cable-kit, sealing kit, double lever kit, pneumatic cylinder kit, joy stick, nuts & bolts, rod, clutch-switch, PTO control selector.

The SLMC can also be used to control the power take off (PTO) on the transmisson. The PTO often drives a hydraulic pump or a unit to operate a crane, lift or other loading device.
Due to the engine power and use of power by the PTO device the r.p.m. of the engine hard to control and will fluctuate rather.
Here the SLMTCP can be the right solution, the speed of the PTO is set manually (for instance at 1.100 r.p.m.) by a switch on the dashboard and the Truckcruise will keep the r.p.m. steady and will keep it at this r.p.m. even if the PTO is working at heavy duty.
The PTO speed can also be pre-set, if the owner of the vehicle requires. Than the speed selection switch is not fitted.