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Here you see the contents of the SLM kit, actuator, control modul SLM, cable-kit, sealing kit, double lever kit, cylinder, nuts & bolts, rod, speedhold.

The speedlimitor system Truckcruise is designed in a modular concept and can be upgraded to a full vehicle speed control system.
The basic model is called S.L.M. (speed limitor modul) and is suiteble for all commecial vehicles above 3,5 tonnes G.V.W.
The SLM is build up from a actuator, leversystem, electronic control unit and cableing. The system is universal and can be custom made by adding the bracketry for the specific vehicles.
The SLM comes also with a speedhold which allows the driver to select any speed as the vehicle new speed limit. The speedhold function is practical in citylimits and country roads and prevents speeding tickets.

The SLM can be ordered with r.p.m. limitation and is called SLMT, which will help the owner of the vehicle to save fuel and unnecessary high reving of the engine.

The SLM system is suiteble for 12 and 24 VDC.